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How to Break Through Mental Blocks and Achieve Victory in Your Life

When was the last time you did something surprising… remarkable… out of your normal routine? I wondered this the other weekend as I watched my daughter compete at a provincial championship trampoline and tumbling competition. I knew she had struggled leading up to this event. She had a mental block on one of the routines […]

30 Days to Happiness. How to Live Longer and Feel Better.

My social media has been riddled with many recent research reports on the topic of happiness. Not just the state of happiness, how to achieve it and keep it, but also the impact of happiness on our minds and our bodies. Happiness is essential, not optional and there are proven ways to attain this state […]

Shame on You! Using Parental Guilt to Change and Be Better.

Working with children and teens for the past few years, without exception the issue has been that their parents are screwing up. Their parents are screwing up in the way they are living – in front of them or behind their backs. Often through divorce or separation but not always. People who don’t treat others […]

A Better Treatment Approach to Treating Depression and Anxiety

I am not anti-medication for psychiatric conditions, but I am an advocate for many proven individual and combination non-prescription drug based therapies for treating these conditions. I also believe that there is a lack of information in the medical community about alternatives and that a more inclusive process is not being followed where medication is […]

Modelling Healthy Relationships. Who's watching?

I often talk about how we are in relationships with others and that’s really a generic term to refer to all connections with other people but today I’m talking about romantic relationships and partnerships and the importance of modelling healthy ones. Certainly for our own happiness we need to learn about healthy relationships and seek […]

ADHD treated with counselling, diet. Not drugs. Great article share from Viral Alternative News on how the French – who have one of the lowest rates of ADHD diagnoses in the world are treating ADHD. This report states that the French are eliminating ADHD naturally. This is not an anomaly. ADHD has been misdiagnosed and over diagnosed and medicated for too […]

Restoring Hope, Reducing Meds, Recovering Joy. New Hope in Therapy.

Many people that have received a diagnosis from a psychiatrist lose hope of recovery. All of the stages of loss and grief can show up as the patient tries to accept a mental health diagnosis and whatever prognosis the doctor has offered. In addition, they deal with a changing cocktail of drug therapy to try […]

Your Brain on Porn. Same as Drugs.

Let’s talk about porn. And not just porn addiction, because often addiction is the extreme and most people discount their own activity if they don’t feel they are addicted. Pornography consumption, in non addictive levels, impacts the brain and our relationships in negative ways. In fact, it runs on the same pathways in the brain as […]

Modern Psychiatry and SSRIs…Creating Madness?

Manufacturing Madness in Modern Psychiatry I have to admit I’m a bit of a nerd. My free time is spent reading about the brain, advances in neuroscience, perusing PubMed for more information. I also am moved to learn more by the clients in my practice. What’s working for them…and what’s not. I am on a […]

What I Wish I Had Known in High School – Advice for Teens

We are very good at teaching practicality and focus once adolescents reach high school. The focus narrows to adult responsibilities and preparation, career, and education – and it has to. But in that stream of consciousness, as I look back, some of the best advice I give now, was not what I was given. Mostly […]