Natural Ways To Raise Your BDNF: Science Backed Ways To Fight Depression


Preventing and treating depression by increasing your brain fertilizer…

BDNF – (brain derived neurotrophic factor) is a protein in the brain that acts like fertilizer to the brain. It makes it flourish and is essential for the protection of neurons in the brain as well as instrumental in their creation. It’s also plays a major in neuroplasticity in general.

Lower levels of BDNF are identified in age-related cognitive decline and other degenerative diseases like Parkinson’s, Alzheimers, and Huntingtons and is hypothesized to play a part in modulating stress response and mood regulation.

It’s been a focal part of new research in terms to treating depression as a result.

As more research points away from serotonin be the problem, more research points to the importance of managing substances like BDNF and GABA (gaba-aminobutyric acid) for treatment of depression and anxiety.

Now of course the research is geared towards the manufacturing of new drugs but the reality is that you can increase BDNF naturally without drugs.

Here are some things you can to promote drug-free (and side effect free) BDNF increases in your own brain.

  1. Exercise – Science magazine reports how exercising works on a molecular level to improve brain health…How Exercise Beefs Up The Brain
  2. Sleep – Molecular Psychiatry research shows the correlation between low BDNF and poor sleep.
  3. Healthy Connections – Current Psychiatry Reports illustrates in Social support and resilience to stress across the life span: A neurobiologic framework, the importance of good social support and healthy relationships as connected to BDNF.
  4. Omega3 supplements – The protective mechanism of Omega 3s in supporting brain health and BDNF levels as reported in the Journal of Neurotrauma – turmeric, ashwaganda, bacopa also shown to increase BDNF and help in depression and anxiety.
  5. Meditation & MindfulnessNature review confirms the neuroscience of meditation as being linked to increased BDNF.

3 thoughts on “Natural Ways To Raise Your BDNF: Science Backed Ways To Fight Depression”

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    This was my first exposure to BDNF. Thank you. It’s comforting for me to know that I’m already incorporating 4 of your 5 suggestions of things to do to increase BDNF.

    Meditation and exercise are such easy things that we all can do (although we all typically find reasons why we can’t do them on a regular basis). Even I was guilty of avoiding them regularly until recently.

    Now that I have made the effort to make them daily activities, I can’t imagine not having time for them.

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