Don't set a single New Year's Resolution until you do this first

Don’t set a single New Year’s Resolution.

Don’t buy a single program, package, item related to New Year’s resolutions.

Not until you do this first.

Get your mind right. Get your emotions under control. Don’t be reactive to the time of year or the sales pitches capitalizing on it.

Take a month (at least) instead and focus on brain health. So that you can make decisions and set goals from a regulated, grounded place and have a higher chance of success.

These strategies will get your brain healthy by promoting neurogenesis (growth of new neurons in the brain). This will help regulate your nervous system and fight seasonal depression and anxiety.

Do this first, without being attached to any other perks that any of these might give to your body or the rest of your life. And just focus on nourishing your brain.

Exercise, nutrition, intermittent fasting, sleep, health relationships, sex, and some supplements… just a few neurogenesis-promoting activities that you can do.

Not a fitness and nutrition program to lose weight. Not medicated sleep. Not forced relationships and never forced sex or unhealthy relationships. Focus on supporting your brain in at least ONE of these areas.

The big one I forgot in the video? LEARNING!! Learn something new – one thing that you’ve always wanted to try, be a beginner and learn and persist through the brain cramps.

These things will keep your brain sharp, young and protected against any of the decline associated with aging. It’ll also support mental health. It’ll also get you in the right place to set real goals that you can follow through on and achieve to create success in 2017.

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