The Resilient Leader

Building resilience in the workplace using neuroscience principles for self-regulation. This presentation on neuroleadership and the strategies to create self-regulated leaders teaches the foundations of resilience and the practices and tools that you and/or your team can use to optimize stress management, communicate more effectively, create and build healthy teams, and use specific tools to maximize performance and outcomes daily. Applying this knowledge and skills are shown to improve corporate culture (or establish the right one), improve short and long term wellness, and improve communication, and maximize performance (and revenue goals) without burnout.

The Resilient Woman: Change Your Brain To Manage Stress, Balance Emotions & Regain Control

Neuroscience principles to regulate your nervous system, reduce symptoms, regain health and resiliency, this presentation is ideal for busy professionals that are noticing their own resiliency start to diminish. From feeling sharp, productive, efficient and motivated, to struggling with focus, energy, and vibrancy. Many women start to notice the impacts of stress - both acute and chronic  - particularly in their physical health - experiencing issues with sleep, headaches, anxiety, and fatigue. This presentation shows why self care and just talking about it isn’t enough. Women learn the foundation of resilience and the brain science behind it while learning strategies and tools to reclaim resilience, rebuild a healthy brain and mind, and move forward with renewed vibrancy.

The Neurobiology of Resilience

How to build resilience to decrease the impacts of stress and reduce risk of burnout. (3 hour workshop/presentation at conference for Social Workers). This workshop shares the neuroscience foundation of resilience and the strategies to create resiliency in the changing brain for challenging professions. Particularly suited for front line health professionals with high demand positions and extraordinary burnout rates, this workshop will show why traditional knowledge and tactics to fight burnout and stress are ineffective, and how to take the brain science of self regulation and resilience and apply it to their own lives. Learning to build a personal and robust system of health and well-being, attendees can start to balance the demands of their work with more ease and greater levels of health that don’t compromise their personal life and health.

The Nervous System Always Wins

Using neurobiological approaches to regulate the nervous system and decrease symptoms for long term health and resilience (3 hour pre-conference workshop).

This presentation is designed for counseling professionals and is suitable for anyone working directly with clients or patients that have experienced trauma, overwhelm, and pain. You will learn the roots of resilience in the brain and mind and how traditional modalities of talk therapy and even newer models of treating trauma can not only be ineffective but also harmful - to both client and clinician. With this science based approach you can learn how to more gently help your clients through their overwhelming experience, bring awareness to your own levels of activation and learn how to manage both. This approach helps to reduce burnout levels and vicarious trauma in healthcare professionals, is a health, strength and resilience building based approach, and has favorable short and long term outcomes.

The Resilient Mind: Creating a Fearless Life

How to self regulate and build lifelong resilience using the science of the mind. (Seattle, WA women's conference). This presentation and talk shared with large audiences previously talks about the seat of resilience, the foundations of self regulation, and the common myths about trauma and overwhelm. Attendees resonate with the analogies and explanations of this information as they see it in their own lives, but find the backstory that illustrates the potential available when we learn to grow our own resiliency inspiring and motivating. This presentation weaves personal illustration and shared experiences with the pitfalls and failures of common treatment to show the potential and hope for every one to influence their own health and wellbeing and live a life of fullness and joy.

Treating Chronic Pain with SRT

The science behind chronic pain and how to treat it with Self Regulation Therapy and neuroscience based practices. Delivered in a 1 hour lecture to hospital groups, this presentation shows how chronic pain impacts the nervous system and some approaches to help sufferers work with the root of the trauma, overwhelm, and injury that preceded the pain along with brain science based strategies to work with pain on a daily basis to help change the connection and pathways in the brain that contribute to the pain in the body.

Preventing and Treating Postpartum Depression

This presentation and workshop looks at the impact of pregnancy on the nervous system and on the developing baby. Bringing the brain science and developmental connections as foundations of health and well-being, we look at strategies for women to start implementing at every stage of pregnancy. From pre-conception through different trimesters, labor and delivery preparation, to post natal after care - this presentation shares tools and strategies to optimize health and resilience in both mom and baby. We look at healthy responses to what is an overwhelming physical and emotional experience (in both positive and negative ways), and are real, relatable, and realistic about the range of experiences helping normalize, remove guilt, and improve balance. The postpartum experience range and ways women can prepare and go through this critical time are explored and expanded on, and specific strategies and options (leaving a lot of time for Q&A) are shared and practiced to help mitigate, reduce, and work with experiences of postpartum depression/anxiety and even psychosis.

Leading OUT of a Pandemic

Productivity and focus are down. Burnout is up. Employee engagement is wavering and people are struggling. Because they've been treading water for an entire year - and so have you. But now there’s a break in the clouds and your team needs a leader to take them forward and out of this pandemic. Which means you'll need to regulate your own nervous system, re-calibrate, and set a plan for how to most effectively lead during this once-in-a-century crisis. In fact, your future success will depend on your ability to lead effectively out of this time and into the next. And your team is relying on you to be absolutely regulated when it counts...which is now! Together we're going to bring you an exclusive training to help you manage the terrain over the next 6 months so you and your people can find a place of happiness, health and high performance.

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