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Be Resilient.



I will show you how to use proven science-based strategies to give you a foundation of resilience and health.


Are you able to handle whatever life throws your way and still experience joy, or do you get stuck? Are you frustrated because as smart as you are, you can’t seem to get unstuck?

Stress management techniques are not enough. The trick is to learn how to self regulate. To build resiliency.

‘The Resilient Mind‘ will show you how to hack into your nervous system and rebuild it based on neuroscience techniques and thousands of hours of clincal practice with people just like you. You’ll feel more in control, more confident, and more productive.

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Isaiah Hankel

Dr. Isaiah Hankel

PhD, CEO | Isaiah Hankel Enterprises & Cheeky Scientist

“The reason I enjoy entrepreneurship and business so much is because it allows me to set up ruthless systems for making money and freeing up my time. As a result I am very good at thinking, calculating, executing, and in general taking action to achieve what I want. What I’m not very good at, is focusing on the biology of how I feel. During the period over which I wrote my first book and launched three different businesses, I was very stressed out. The problem was I was trying to ignore or push down the stress. I was trying to block it. Years later, after several near breakdowns, I learned that negative stress can add up to become traumatic. Most importantly, I learned that there is a science behind all of this and that by learning certain key principles you can quickly recenter yourself, get refocused on your work, and become even more impactful in both your professional life and your personal life than ever before. I learned all of this and more through Tara’s teachings. Her articles, books, and training programs have increased both my self-awareness and my productivity (and my business’s profits) immensely. If you’re a stressed out professional of any kind, or just looking to improve your productivity and mental health, I highly recommend working with Tara.” 

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