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When what "feels right", is wrong – your brain in love… (like a junkie).

Why what “feels right” is often wrong – (aka don’t ever go back to an ex and 3 ways to break the addiction) I had been down this road before. But I thought this time might be different. Time had passed. I had changed. He had changed. At least I thought he had. I went back […]

4 Ways to Create Depth and Improve your Relationships

We have become really good at being really shallow. We flit around connecting more electronically from behind screens than we do in person. We don’t make eye contact. We don’t hold eye contact. We don’t touch each other. Handshakes are weak and flimsy. We step back to keep our distance. This is how we treat […]

How Women Are Destroying Their Relationships and 3 Ways to Repair Them

Don’t come down on me just yet. It takes two to tango – I get that. I’m not blaming one partner over another either. I am going to address a theme that I’ve seen in my practice over the past few years and one that I see echoed in women I know. As the other […]

3 Ways to Conquer Self Sacrifice and the Martyr Mindset to Find Happiness

We know that the glorification of busy is unhealthy and annoying. We know that constant self sacrifice and other passive aggressive behaviour we use to highlight how much we give and how little we get back is obnoxious. But we do it anyway. Have you noticed yourself pouncing on the podium on this one? Surely […]

Are You Receiving Love Fully?

I don’t often talk about love in the romantic sense. People get weird about it. But I am talking about love in every sense of the word…including the romantic sense. The healing and transformative nature of being able to receive love fully in particular. Kids are good at this – as adults, we need to […]

Shame on You! Using Parental Guilt to Change and Be Better.

Working with children and teens for the past few years, without exception the issue has been that their parents are screwing up. Their parents are screwing up in the way they are living – in front of them or behind their backs. Often through divorce or separation but not always. People who don’t treat others […]

Holiday Triggers Can Cause Relationship Damage

A year ago on this American Thanksgiving my family and I faced an intentional act of evil from someone close to us that makes this a bit of a “traumaversary.” Consciously it’s behind us and I won the battle and the war, but as with any trauma anniversary, your cells remember these things and you’ll […]

Modelling Healthy Relationships. Who's watching?

I often talk about how we are in relationships with others and that’s really a generic term to refer to all connections with other people but today I’m talking about romantic relationships and partnerships and the importance of modelling healthy ones. Certainly for our own happiness we need to learn about healthy relationships and seek […]

Two Essentials for Healthy Relationships

1. Do Your Own Work 2. Know What You Want The expanded version below: Do your own work. Everyone has been hurt. We’ve all had disappointing experiences in our relationships – and some have been down right nasty and even traumatic. It’s important to do the work on yourself not just while you’re in a […]

The Problem with the Female 'Viagra'

So the FDA, has approved a female version of the drug Viagra commonly prescribed for men – particularly older men with erectile dysfunction or other, typically age-related, sexual dysfunction. And the issue of male virility is certainly something that has an emotional impact on men and relationships in general. To this end, we have over […]