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How to Break Through Mental Blocks and Achieve Victory in Your Life

When was the last time you did something surprising… remarkable… out of your normal routine? I wondered this the other weekend as I watched my daughter compete at a provincial championship trampoline and tumbling competition. I knew she had struggled leading up to this event. She had a mental block on one of the routines […]

How to Rebound from Burnout

I did it. I admit it. I got focused. I got busy and I let it happen. I said yes too many times. I pushed myself. Even though I was running on empty. I ignored the alarm bells going off in my head. And just kept going. I kept thinking it would be temporary – […]

Stop trying to please everyone. Some people just hate peaches.

  “You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there’s still going to be somebody who hates peaches.” We can work on being the best versions of ourselves in this life in all the areas that are important to us and still that won’t be good enough for someone. Or at least […]

Removing Drama from Your Life. The Four Agreements

Why I think everyone should read this book and integrate these principles into their lives.  The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz is based on the idea that we make conscious or unconscious agreements with ourselves that form our self concept and how we interact in the world. Often the agreements we make are based […]

Are You Limited By Your Label?

    Your diagnosis and label is a way of understanding a collection of symptoms you are experiencing at the time. Accepting the status quo or worst case prognosis can limit your ability to heal. What we believe about any disease process can be a self fulfilling prophecy. If we believe we will never be better – […]

How Bad Do You Want It?

How Bad Do You Want This? Health, Wellbeing, Happiness, Fulfillment? How badly do you no longer want to feel the way that you do? Fro anything? Can you do what is uncomfortable to do so you can be happy? On a very small scale I finally made this  video blog – after a year of […]

Mars and Venus have no idea

We are different – men and women. And we’re supposed to be and that’s not a bad thing. But it goes beyond in just how we interact in relationships. Our brains are different and here’s the reasons why. Beyond the brain as a whole, male and female brains actually organize and function differently. Comparisons of […]

Trauma's Ripple Effect – Self Care in a Supporting Role

Vicarious Trauma, Secondary Trauma, Compassion Fatigue… these are terms that describe the impact of another person’s trauma on your nervous system. It can happen to any counsellor, care giver, or loved one that is impacted by the trauma and healing of another. When we think of trauma and PTSD we often think in terms of […]