Focus on the "When" and not the "How" for stress management

Why you get stuck.

How to get unstuck.

Not by talking through it, pushing through it, writing it down or otherwise focusing on the problems.

Not even by problem-solving strategies and focusing on “how” to mitigate stress and get out of it.

Fast forwarding to “when” is a way to instantly reduce stress and get unstuck from the bottom of the brain up – not from the frontal lobes down.

You’ll make your best decisions from a relaxed state. Not a fight or flight, activated state.

Not from a state of chronic stress that’s so bad for your health long term.

When this stress is over… how are you going to feel, what’s it going to be like, what’s the first thing you’ll notice in your life as different… what will you do or how will you move through life differently?

Take a moment and think about it … and as you do… notice what happens in your body. Notice the physical sensations that show up as you think about it already being over.

If you just generally feel stressed or upset, go for a walk and think about who you love, what you love, what makes you smile, what makes you laugh. As you focus on what you love – just one thing, your physiology will change.


All by itself.

Just like it’s wired up to do.

Knowing that your body responds to every thought neurochemically and that impacts your emotional, mental, and physical state – start hacking in to change that.

Once you feel calm – then you can collaborate on getting coaching for the “how”.

Stop pushing through and trying to “think” your way out of it and start focusing on ‘when’ and how you feel in your body about it.

Start using your imagination to create a more positive state and manage your stress more effectively day to day, hour by hour.

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