Mini-session: Why You're A Relationship Failure (and why we all are)

Why relationships don’t work?

Lack of awareness of unconscious beliefs that contribute to unhealthy dynamics.

Lack of understanding on what healthy relationships look like, how they’re built, how they’re sustained, and how to transition from chemical “love” to mature love.

Misunderstanding about desire, attraction, and the danger of being addicted to the novelty of love as opposed to the longevity of love.

What science tells us about why we should be focusing on love and looking for growth and value and the daily investments we make to continue connection and create the love of your life that lasts the rest of your life.

Look for value. Seek growth rather than running away from it. Know that your relationship is about what you give to it, not what you’re getting out of it or expecting your partner to keep your interest and entertain you.

It’s time for a new and kinder definition of love where we see an entire human and not just what they give to us to make us feel good.

Healthy relationships feel different – on purpose. If it’s uncomfortable – it might mean that it’s unfamiliar in a good way – especially if you family of origin and examples of love were not healthy in the past.

All this in this mini-session about relationships and why everyone is sucking so bad at them right now. This gives you the recipe for a healthy and long relationship, what to look for, and why it’s so important – for your health, long life, income, and for the sake of your future generations.

It’s a big deal.

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