How Bad Do You Want It?

How Bad Do You Want This? Health, Wellbeing, Happiness, Fulfillment? How badly do you no longer want to feel the way that you do? Fro anything? Can you do what is uncomfortable to do so you can be happy?
On a very small scale I finally made this  video blog – after a year of feeling too uncomfortable to do it. Today I finally did it. My first video blog and in true Tara fashion… which means it’s pretty real. A moment hit and I just did it which is pretty much how things happen around here. Contrary to the idea of scripting it, wearing a suit and sitting in front of my diplomas, I grabbed my phone, propped it up, and said what I wanted to say before I hit my workout of the day. It’s painfully imperfect – as am I – but it’s totally in line with who I am. If I can’t be raw and uncut and vulnerable in front of the same people I ask to do the same with me there’s a problem.
So here it is….as it is… as I am. We’re talking about how badly you want it. I am here and ready to help you every step of the way but I can’t do it for you. The people that heal the fastest and retain that long term are the ones that believe the facts about the brain’s ability to change, accept that they might need some help to do it, and mostly are ready – they are done with feeling how they are feeling and have made the decision that they don’t want to feel this way anymore. You can change – your brain can change – that’s what we do in my office. It does take time, and you will have to sometimes force yourself to do what you don’t want to do simply because it will help you get better. It is effective and less overwhelming than you think – but when you get there – where you’re ready… I’m ready with you. Let’s do this.

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