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Why I never recommend EMDR for trauma treatment…(and why that makes me unpopular)

And why I’m ok with that… Here’s where most, including this article miss the boat. Exposure therapy, talk therapy, and EMDR often decrease reported symptoms temporarily by walking a person through the horrors of their life from start to finish. Linear… retrieving from their memories in the exact same way it happened. But what fires […]

Strategies Resilient People Use During Times Of Transition To Maintain Happiness

Life is full of transition and we often think that being resilient means that we get through just about everything without getting ruffled. Immune to depression or anxiety or any less than optimal state. Well that’s just not true. Life isn’t always optimal – it doesn’t make it easy. And that’s not what resilience is […]

How To Handle Rejection And Not Get Stuck

Rejection stings for everyone No one is immune and we all have experienced it in some area of our lives. Multiple areas. The job you didn’t get, the team you didn’t make, the relationship you thought you wanted, the connection you hoped you’d find. I’ve had rejection on multiple levels. I’m no exception. Particularly in […]

How Resilient People Deal With Disappointment and Other Crushing Blows

I remember a time a few years ago when I felt like I had everything together. I remember thinking I had it made. My family was running like a well oiled machine. My businesses were totally on track and growing. Not just gifted to me – I had worked hard. Tirelessly. Relentlessly. For my family. […]

What Resilience Is Not…Coping Skills Gone Bad

We know that resilience is more than just controlling emotions or managing behaviors or being able to push through and withstand extreme stressors without losing your sh–. And in fact a lot of these skills I call out as a load of crap – verbatim just after 4:35 in this video 😉 But we have […]

Why Developing A Superiority Complex Is A Good Idea

Oh I know… we’re taught the opposite. You’re not better than anyone. Treat everyone as equals. Level the playing field. We’re all supposed to be the same. And we are. As far as rights and freedoms, humanity and decency. But we aren’t as far as how we treat each other always. I’m not advocating that […]

When what "feels right", is wrong – your brain in love… (like a junkie).

Why what “feels right” is often wrong – (aka don’t ever go back to an ex and 3 ways to break the addiction) I had been down this road before. But I thought this time might be different. Time had passed. I had changed. He had changed. At least I thought he had. I went back […]

How to Break Through Mental Blocks and Achieve Victory in Your Life

When was the last time you did something surprising… remarkable… out of your normal routine? I wondered this the other weekend as I watched my daughter compete at a provincial championship trampoline and tumbling competition. I knew she had struggled leading up to this event. She had a mental block on one of the routines […]

How to Rebound from Burnout

I did it. I admit it. I got focused. I got busy and I let it happen. I said yes too many times. I pushed myself. Even though I was running on empty. I ignored the alarm bells going off in my head. And just kept going. I kept thinking it would be temporary – […]

3 Ways To Recover From Mistakes and Eliminate Regret

In the end there is only love or regret. I posted this on a Facebook post the other day. It’s a concept that really is about prioritizing what’s important to you Identifying the things that matter and protecting them. And not things that matter in the short term. Things that matter in the long term. […]