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Why Developing A Superiority Complex Is A Good Idea

Oh I know… we’re taught the opposite. You’re not better than anyone. Treat everyone as equals. Level the playing field. We’re all supposed to be the same. And we are. As far as rights and freedoms, humanity and decency. But we aren’t as far as how we treat each other always. I’m not advocating that […]

The Only Way Out, Is Through

  Everyone goes through struggles and difficult times. Most people are aware of people that care about them that are around to support them. When time goes on and you don’t feel better, it’s a good time to look at professional support. Sometimes getting support and therapy feels like it’s not enough. The change isn’t […]

Holiday Triggers Can Cause Relationship Damage

A year ago on this American Thanksgiving my family and I faced an intentional act of evil from someone close to us that makes this a bit of a “traumaversary.” Consciously it’s behind us and I won the battle and the war, but as with any trauma anniversary, your cells remember these things and you’ll […]

10 Things To Help You Get Through Difficult Times

Life is not always easy. It was never meant to be. Challenges stimulate growth and increase resilience.  But sometimes our lives can feel like one struggle after another with no breaks in between or no end in sight. These times challenge our resilience rather than building it, deplete our resources, and can even leave us […]

7 Tips for Managing Grief

Grief is one of the most painful emotions that we can feel and it can show up in more areas and experiences than just with the physical death of a loved one. Grief can present in any area of loss and when we work with it in therapy we name it as it appears and […]