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30 Days to Happiness. How to Live Longer and Feel Better.

My social media has been riddled with many recent research reports on the topic of happiness. Not just the state of happiness, how to achieve it and keep it, but also the impact of happiness on our minds and our bodies. Happiness is essential, not optional and there are proven ways to attain this state […]

Five Ways to Manage Guilt and Shame

Like thieves in the night – plotting to steal your joy, these two emotions hold hands like depression and anxiety and often show up to sabotage your progress. Like depression and anxiety these are normal and necessary human emotions but like most uncomfortable emotions, they need to be acknowledged, learned from, and then mastered. These emotions […]

A Better Treatment Approach to Treating Depression and Anxiety

I am not anti-medication for psychiatric conditions, but I am an advocate for many proven individual and combination non-prescription drug based therapies for treating these conditions. I also believe that there is a lack of information in the medical community about alternatives and that a more inclusive process is not being followed where medication is […]

No Excuses! Daily Exercise to Prevent and Treat Mental Illness

We know exercise is the single best thing you can do for your brain health overall and long term. We also know that daily exercise is more effective than antidepressants for treatment of mild to moderate depression and other mental illness. Now another study has released results that say that daily exercise can actually prevent […]

ADHD treated with counselling, diet. Not drugs. Great article share from Viral Alternative News on how the French – who have one of the lowest rates of ADHD diagnoses in the world are treating ADHD. This report states that the French are eliminating ADHD naturally. This is not an anomaly. ADHD has been misdiagnosed and over diagnosed and medicated for too […]

On Guard! Three areas hypervigilance can show up in your life.

Do you feel on guard all the time – like you’re almost always scanning your environment and the people in it? Unable to relax, overly concerned, hyperaware? Do you notice an increased startle reflex or tension related to previous events and experiences? Do you feel like you keep people at arm’s length or have trouble […]

Restoring Hope, Reducing Meds, Recovering Joy. New Hope in Therapy.

Many people that have received a diagnosis from a psychiatrist lose hope of recovery. All of the stages of loss and grief can show up as the patient tries to accept a mental health diagnosis and whatever prognosis the doctor has offered. In addition, they deal with a changing cocktail of drug therapy to try […]

It's Just Activation. Molehills, not Mountains.

So there I was – vibrating at the front of the room like a nervous mouse… except that I wasn’t nervous at all. Sometimes your body just does stuff. Here’s why and how to put it into perspective. Sometimes in our desire to understand experiences by labelling them or naming them or otherwise putting them into boxes, […]

Sleep – the Great Regulator

If there was super power for the nervous system, it would be called Sleep…the Great Regulator. I’m sure it would smell like lavender and wear a soft cape in the dark. Sleep is unparalleled as being the great regulator of our nervous system – helping our body heal and recover from the day but also […]

Be a Beginner…and four other brain health tips

Watch the video here: Be a Beginner and 4 other brain health tips Usually once we learn something and become an expert at it, we’re able to bask in that sense of accomplishment and after reaching our goal, we rest. After all, we’re done right? Certainly some people have an unquenchable thirst for novelty in both knowledge […]