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30 Days to Happiness. How to Live Longer and Feel Better.

My social media has been riddled with many recent research reports on the topic of happiness. Not just the state of happiness, how to achieve it and keep it, but also the impact of happiness on our minds and our bodies. Happiness is essential, not optional and there are proven ways to attain this state […]

A Better Treatment Approach to Treating Depression and Anxiety

I am not anti-medication for psychiatric conditions, but I am an advocate for many proven individual and combination non-prescription drug based therapies for treating these conditions. I also believe that there is a lack of information in the medical community about alternatives and that a more inclusive process is not being followed where medication is […]

Supplements for Anxiety and Depression

In addition to the tips in my Supplements for Depression & Anxiety, there are some great recommendations in Dr. Mark Hyman’s The Ultramind Solution  book as well as Dr. Daniel Amen’s Magnificent Mind at Any Age. Highly recommended. As always check with your health practitioner who specializes in natural remedies – naturopath or functional medical doctor. […]

Sleep – the Great Regulator

If there was super power for the nervous system, it would be called Sleep…the Great Regulator. I’m sure it would smell like lavender and wear a soft cape in the dark. Sleep is unparalleled as being the great regulator of our nervous system – helping our body heal and recover from the day but also […]

Self Regulation Therapy & Supplements – a complementary approach to mental health

This topic is now being offered as a free talk in the Okanagan. If you are a clinic owner, retail outlet, or other organization that would like to offer your staff, customers, clients/patients this information, don’t hesitate to contact me for more information or to book an event. Information below! Check out the other topics […]