Supplements for Anxiety and Depression

In addition to the tips in my Supplements for Depression & Anxiety, there are some great recommendations in Dr. Mark Hyman’s The Ultramind Solution  book as well as Dr. Daniel Amen’s Magnificent Mind at Any Age. Highly recommended. As always check with your health practitioner who specializes in natural remedies – naturopath or functional medical doctor. Check out a classical homeopathist for a customized remedy for your symptoms as well.
check out my previous post here as well.
Could you give it 30 days? 30 days of daily walks, 30 days of focusing on improving your sleep, 30 days of quality supplements or a targeted homeopathic remedy first? This is what should be prescribed first in most cases outside of suicidality and psychosis. Prozac has high implications for leading to both – lots of these out perform SSRIs in research and are worth a concentrated effort for long term mental health and wellbeing.


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