ADHD treated with counselling, diet. Not drugs.
Great article share from Viral Alternative News on how the French – who have one of the lowest rates of ADHD diagnoses in the world are treating ADHD. This report states that the French are eliminating ADHD naturally.
This is not an anomaly. ADHD has been misdiagnosed and over diagnosed and medicated for too long. Many of the kids I’ve seen in my practice that come with this diagnosis just have activation in their nervous system.
When I traced their behavioural changes back and looked at what was going on in their lives the reports were almost exclusively that there was a major family upset, divorce, trauma, illness, loss or move prior to their symptoms becoming a problem.
We work with that with Self Regulation Therapy (SRT) to decrease the activation in their nervous system and work through any overwhelming or traumatic experiences. I recommend well-researched supplements including high dose Omega 3s and others, gluten free diets, fewer refined carbs, and daily exercise and all of the kids I have worked with have exited treatment with  lifelong self soothing and lifestyle techniques for overall health and wellbeing as well as being able to come off of their ADHD medications (which incidentally are so dangerous for the body), and anxiety medications.
They report better sleep, increased concentrating in school, and less conflict at home. I also recommend my classical homeopath and often a licensed naturopath. In the US, I’d be referring to a functional medical doctor for comprehensive alternative treatment as well.
The goal must be more than symptom reduction. Look back – when did this start – what was going on at home? What was their diet like? What is their exercise/activity like daily.
We need more standing desks, daily physical education in schools in addition to art/music/drama, less homework, more family time.
We need to be teaching meditation and other self soothing practices young. There are few, if any kids in this century that don’t have some form of low level anxiety because of our culture and environment. We need to combat it with natural, back to basics, simple techniques that are appropriately inline with their current stage of development.
A good resource on this topic is Dr. Daniel Amen’s book Healing ADD.
The brain can change – so why don’t we treat kids using the neuroscience we know about their development and creating healthy neural pathways first. Because once you add a medication, it is harder for the brain to change and in fact we are altering how it develops entirely.
Way to go France!

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