Be a Beginner…and four other brain health tips

Watch the video here: Be a Beginner and 4 other brain health tips
Usually once we learn something and become an expert at it, we’re able to bask in that sense of accomplishment and after reaching our goal, we rest. After all, we’re done right? Certainly some people have an unquenchable thirst for novelty in both knowledge and experiences, however many still, reach their goal and are content at being an expert in that area.
Don’t do this. Savour your accomplishment, but then find something else to start – as a beginner – and be ok with being terrible at it. The brain loves to be a beginner and learn how to do something through all the stages up to expert and champion. This process promotes neurogenesis in the brain – the growth of new neurons and the building of new neural pathways. It’s a counter-effect to depression in which areas of the brain actually shrink and it’s protective for the brain for the course of your lifespan. It is always growing and changing with our intentions and so we need to look at brain conditioning as a never-ending process.
Other things that promote neurogenesis and preserve the integrity of our brain, while providing other benefits to our health and wellbeing?
1. Exercise – daily exercise is the single best thing you can do to promote neurogenesis.
2. Sex – if positive and healthy for you has the added bonus of oxytocin which is our bonding hormone.
3. Brain games like what you’ll find on Lumosity target specific functions of the brain and allow you to track your progress over time.
4. Goal setting – give your brain something to look forward to – each week, month and year.
Keep your brain stimulated with new things, learning, mastering knowledge and skill. Add in exercise, healthy relationship components, brain exercises, and goal setting and you’ll be doing the very best things to prevent against dementia, maintain mental clarity, boost your immune system, regulate your nervous system, and keep your brain in top condition at any age.

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