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3 Bold Ways To Prevent Burnout (No Excuses Allowed)

If you’re an ambitious, motivated, self-directed, type-A personality… you’re wired to be curious, bold, and in constant active mode.   And that’s a good thing.   In fact, it can be great.   What makes it not so great is that you’re also prone to burn out.   Classic burn out symptoms can include lack […]

How To Achieve Your Biggest Goals

Goals and goal-setting. I know it’s a buzz word that everybody’s getting tired of, especially this time of year, the top of the year. Everybody’s setting goals. The reason we set goals is because we’re not satisfied with something in our life. Some part of our life. We all have at least one area where […]

How Developing A Superiority Complex Keeps You From Staying Stuck In The Past

 Oh I know… we’re taught the opposite. You’re not better than anyone. Treat everyone as equals. Level the playing field. We’re all supposed to be the same. And we are. As far as rights and freedoms, humanity and decency. But we aren’t as far as how we treat each other always. I’m not advocating that […]

What Resilience Is Not…Coping Skills Gone Bad

  We know that resilience is more than just controlling emotions or managing behaviors or being able to push through and withstand extreme stressors without losing your sh–. And in fact a lot of these skills I call out as a load of crap – verbatim just after 4:35 in this video 😉 But we […]

When What “Feels Right” Is Wrong – Your Brain In Love… (Like A Junkie)

Why what “feels right” is often wrong – (aka don’t ever go back to an ex and 3 ways to break the addiction) I had been down this road before. But I thought this time might be different. Time had passed. I had changed. He had changed. At least I thought he had. I went back […]

Three Areas We Shrink In Our Lives and How to Reclaim Them

As we get older, adulting – being focused on following the path of expectations, school, career, marriage and/or family – can cause us to shrink. We take the vision and energy and excitement we had for our lives when we were young and narrow it to be reasonable, to attain certain goals, reach important milestones […]

3 Mistakes To Avoid When Setting Boundaries

Boundaries – the word has become such a buzz word in therapy and in relationships in general. I think it’s cool that it’s being talked about and becoming an important part of discussions. I used to be terrible at setting boundaries. I lacked the confidence to be okay with setting a boundary and having the […]