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Chronic Pain Is In The Brain…as Much As It Is The Body

Check out this interview I did with Dr. Tyna Moore talking about chronic pain and the brain – and the importance of brain and body, collaborative care for patients with chronic pain.  And that sometimes we can prevent and even eliminate it with neurobiological approaches like SRT (Self Regulation Therapy). Tune in here: http://bit.ly/drtynapfs     […]

The ONE thing you need to survive

This is a different post. Because I go deep down into what brought me to a place of healing others… by exposing my own healing. It’s not secret.  It’s in my E-book in chunks. And even this doesn’t cover all of it. There was even more. Extortion, threats, physical violence, emotional pain. Not unique. This […]

Why I never recommend EMDR for trauma treatment…(and why that makes me unpopular)

And why I’m ok with that… Here’s where most, including this article miss the boat.  https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/emdr-taking-a-closer-look/ Exposure therapy, talk therapy, and EMDR often decrease reported symptoms temporarily by walking a person through the horrors of their life from start to finish. Linear… retrieving from their memories in the exact same way it happened. But what fires […]

Questions Every Therapist Should Be Able To Answer And Books On Their Shelf


I haven’t just had years of working with clients and helping provide education to them on their health concerns and symptoms. In addition to thousands of hours in clinical practice, I also have worked to help train other therapists in the same. And beyond that I have therapists trained in other modalities coming to see […]

Roadside Therapy – Psychological First Aid for Shock Trauma

Tara Miller, Roadside Therapist. That was my title a few weeks ago. I attended to some victims of a dramatic car accident and was reminded how our instincts to support and console victims of high impact, falls, or shock trauma is often wrong. Misinformation about the nervous system and how it responds to trauma and […]

Holiday Triggers Can Cause Relationship Damage

A year ago on this American Thanksgiving my family and I faced an intentional act of evil from someone close to us that makes this a bit of a “traumaversary.” Consciously it’s behind us and I won the battle and the war, but as with any trauma anniversary, your cells remember these things and you’ll […]

On Guard! Three areas hypervigilance can show up in your life.

Do you feel on guard all the time – like you’re almost always scanning your environment and the people in it? Unable to relax, overly concerned, hyperaware? Do you notice an increased startle reflex or tension related to previous events and experiences? Do you feel like you keep people at arm’s length or have trouble […]

Restoring Hope, Reducing Meds, Recovering Joy. New Hope in Therapy.

Many people that have received a diagnosis from a psychiatrist lose hope of recovery. All of the stages of loss and grief can show up as the patient tries to accept a mental health diagnosis and whatever prognosis the doctor has offered. In addition, they deal with a changing cocktail of drug therapy to try […]

Why I Do What I Do …the Way that I Do It!

I often get asked why I’m in private practice focusing on one on one therapy and why I use SRT (Self Regulation Therapy) my practice despite other options for both employment and treatment modality. These two questions from colleagues, clients, and others are certainly the most popular and I’ll answer them here. This is an exciting […]

Trauma's Ripple Effect – Self Care in a Supporting Role

Vicarious Trauma, Secondary Trauma, Compassion Fatigue… these are terms that describe the impact of another person’s trauma on your nervous system. It can happen to any counsellor, care giver, or loved one that is impacted by the trauma and healing of another. When we think of trauma and PTSD we often think in terms of […]