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Why I never recommend EMDR for trauma treatment…(and why that makes me unpopular)

And why I’m ok with that… Here’s where most, including this article miss the boat.  https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/emdr-taking-a-closer-look/ Exposure therapy, talk therapy, and EMDR often decrease reported symptoms temporarily by walking a person through the horrors of their life from start to finish. Linear… retrieving from their memories in the exact same way it happened. But what fires […]

Ways You’re Keeping Yourself Trapped And Miserable

In the field I work in, I see a lot of people that are unhappy in their lives for various reasons and typically they’re coming to see me because they’re looking for symptoms relief. And that’s what most of this field deals in. Symptom reduction first, root causes… maybe later and typically in an ineffective way. My […]

5 Ways to Manage Guilt and Shame

  Like thieves in the night – plotting to steal your joy, these two emotions hold hands like depression and anxiety and often show up to sabotage your progress. Like depression and anxiety these are normal and necessary human emotions but like most uncomfortable emotions, they need to be acknowledged, learned from, and then mastered. These […]

Homeopathy for Depression

I refer clients regularly to see Christy Zettl, not just for depression and anxiety, but a myriad of other health issues. She is one of few degree trained homeopaths in Western Canada and sees patients all over North America. Clients that see her concurrently with therapy appointments they have with me in Self Regulation Therapy (SRT), […]

30 Days to Happiness- How to Live Longer and Feel Better

My social media has been riddled with many recent research reports on the topic of happiness. Not just the state of happiness, how to achieve it and keep it, but also the impact of happiness on our minds and our bodies. Happiness is essential, not optional and there are proven ways to attain this state […]

3 Mistakes To Avoid When Setting Boundaries

Boundaries – the word has become such a buzz word in therapy and in relationships in general. I think it’s cool that it’s being talked about and becoming an important part of discussions. I used to be terrible at setting boundaries. I lacked the confidence to be okay with setting a boundary and having the […]