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How To Survive (And Look Forward To) The Holidays

My favourite time of the year. For so many reasons. Reflection, Gratitude, Learning, Goal Setting. I love the whole process and this is a natural time of year to get it. The holidays are not great for everyone though. Our losses seem more profound during the holidays. We see more of what we’re missing. More […]

Homeopathy for Depression

I refer clients regularly to see Christy Zettl, not just for depression and anxiety, but a myriad of other health issues. She is one of few degree trained homeopaths in Western Canada and sees patients all over North America. Clients that see her concurrently with therapy appointments they have with me in Self Regulation Therapy (SRT), […]

How To Maintain Control Through Life’s Disappointments and Other Crushing Blows

I remember a time years ago when I felt like I had everything together – I had it made. Life was coming together just as I had planned and I was happy and optimistic for my future. My family was running like a well oiled machine. My work was satisfying and expanding. Nothing had been […]