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From PTSD, anxiety, and medications to healthy, happy living

I’ve seen it so many times. People who have continued to try to find healing for their trauma and been bold an courageous enough to trust again and find hope. The capacity of human resilience should never be questioned. You are always more resilient than you think. And therapy can actually be fun… and it […]

Questions Every Therapist Should Be Able To Answer And Books On Their Shelf


I haven’t just had years of working with clients and helping provide education to them on their health concerns and symptoms. In addition to thousands of hours in clinical practice, I also have worked to help train other therapists in the same. And beyond that I have therapists trained in other modalities coming to see […]

How Bad Do You Want It?

How Bad Do You Want This? Health, Wellbeing, Happiness, Fulfillment? How badly do you no longer want to feel the way that you do? Fro anything? Can you do what is uncomfortable to do so you can be happy? On a very small scale I finally made this  video blog – after a year of […]

Therapy: It Isn't What You Think

The biggest misconception about therapy that I hear is that it is going to be painful. Often client’s will report being reticent to initiate therapy or book their first appointment because they fear it is going to be unbearably painful. They envision having to re-tell and re-live the darkest, most vulnerable, most agonizing moments and […]