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Ways You’re Keeping Yourself Trapped And Miserable

In the field I work in, I see a lot of people that are unhappy in their lives for various reasons and typically they’re coming to see me because they’re looking for symptoms relief. And that’s what most of this field deals in. Symptom reduction first, root causes… maybe later and typically in an ineffective way. My […]

5 Ways to Manage Guilt and Shame

  Like thieves in the night – plotting to steal your joy, these two emotions hold hands like depression and anxiety and often show up to sabotage your progress. Like depression and anxiety these are normal and necessary human emotions but like most uncomfortable emotions, they need to be acknowledged, learned from, and then mastered. These […]

How To Achieve Your Biggest Goals

Goals and goal-setting. I know it’s a buzz word that everybody’s getting tired of, especially this time of year, the top of the year. Everybody’s setting goals. The reason we set goals is because we’re not satisfied with something in our life. Some part of our life. We all have at least one area where […]

How To Use Tough Times To Get Stronger

So we know that tough times happen. Struggle is inevitable. It’s life – bad things are going to happen. Financial setbacks, health issues, loss and grief. Stress in general – not just in January, but all year round. During the last 2 weeks of January there is noted decreased resiliency as a result of post-holiday […]

Homeopathy for Depression

I refer clients regularly to see Christy Zettl, not just for depression and anxiety, but a myriad of other health issues. She is one of few degree trained homeopaths in Western Canada and sees patients all over North America. Clients that see her concurrently with therapy appointments they have with me in Self Regulation Therapy (SRT), […]

Questions Every Therapist Should Be Able To Answer And Books On Their Shelf


I haven’t just had years of working with clients and helping provide education to them on their health concerns and symptoms. In addition to thousands of hours in clinical practice, I also have worked to help train other therapists in the same. And beyond that I have therapists trained in other modalities coming to see […]

Natural Ways To Raise Your BDNF: Science Backed Ways To Fight Depression

  Preventing and treating depression by increasing your brain fertilizer… BDNF – (brain derived neurotrophic factor) is a protein in the brain that acts like fertilizer to the brain. It makes it flourish and is essential for the protection of neurons in the brain as well as instrumental in their creation. It’s also plays a […]

Don’t set a single New Year’s Resolution until you do this first

Don’t set a single New Year’s Resolution. Don’t buy a single program, package, item related to New Year’s resolutions. Not until you do this first. Get your mind right. Get your emotions under control. Don’t be reactive to the time of year or the sales pitches capitalizing on it. Take a month (at least) instead […]

How To Maintain Control Through Life’s Disappointments and Other Crushing Blows

I remember a time years ago when I felt like I had everything together – I had it made. Life was coming together just as I had planned and I was happy and optimistic for my future. My family was running like a well oiled machine. My work was satisfying and expanding. Nothing had been […]

4 Ways To Improve Your Relationships And Create Depth

We have become really good at being really shallow. We flit around connecting more electronically from behind screens than we do in person. We don’t make eye contact. We don’t hold eye contact. We don’t touch each other. Handshakes are weak and flimsy. We step back to keep our distance. Whatever the current quota for […]