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100% Of People Have Anxiety – Without Having An Anxiety Disorder

Not everyone has a diagnosed anxiety disorder, but everyone experiences anxiety. The symptoms of anxiety. And we’re supposed to. It’s normal. We have a sense that it’s not normal. Or that because it’s uncomfortable we need to seek medical attention immediately. And it is uncomfortable! Symptoms of anxiety can include heart palpitations, racing thoughts, uncontrollable […]

Roadside Therapy – Psychological First Aid for Shock Trauma

Tara Miller, Roadside Therapist. That was my title a few weeks ago. I attended to some victims of a dramatic car accident and was reminded how our instincts to support and console victims of high impact, falls, or shock trauma is often wrong. Misinformation about the nervous system and how it responds to trauma and […]

This Is Not Your Average “Lady” Conference

Not that there’s anything wrong with those. But this isn’t one of them. Retreats are great – they can be a ton of fun with some great learning and experiences. I love getting out of my environment and filling my spongy brain with new things. But a lot of the ones I’ve been to are […]

3 Ways to Conquer Self Sacrifice and the Martyr Mindset to Find Happiness

We know that the glorification of busy is unhealthy and annoying. We know that constant self sacrifice and other passive aggressive behaviour we use to highlight how much we give and how little we get back is obnoxious. But we do it anyway. Have you noticed yourself pouncing on the podium on this one? Surely […]

Complaining – How The New Small Talk Is Ruining Your Brain, With One Exception

Not only does complaining make us a drain to be around, it keeps our mind focused on negativity. What we think about, talk about, fixate on gets magnified in our brain and in our lives. It’s bad for your overall health, it’s bad for your relationships, and it’s an insidious little habit that easily becomes […]

How To Choose Your Next Online Expert

Online and off… these days everyone is an expert. Self proclaimed or otherwise, anyone can launch a website and call themselves an expert, start writing a blog with authority, and make some cash off their opinions. And no one seems to notice. People click Like to follow pages and sign up to follow blogs as […]

How To Stop Attracting The Wrong People Into Your Life

We already know how important it is to have healthy, likeminded people in your life. The power of influence that your “tribe” can have in your life. People that we’re close to impact us – on an emotional, mental, and even physical level. Our nervous systems attune to others. This process of attunement begins moments […]

How To Create Connection And Improve Your Relationships

We have become really good at being really shallow. We flit around connecting more electronically from behind screens than we do in person. We don’t make eye contact. We don’t hold eye contact. We don’t touch each other. Handshakes are weak and flimsy. We step back to keep our distance. This is how we treat […]

Strategies Resilient People Use To Maintain Happiness

Life is full of transition and we often think that being resilient means that we get through just about everything without getting ruffled. Immune to depression or anxiety or any less than optimal state. Well that’s just not true. Life isn’t always optimal – it doesn’t make it easy. And that’s not what resilience is […]

How Developing A Superiority Complex Keeps You From Staying Stuck In The Past

 Oh I know… we’re taught the opposite. You’re not better than anyone. Treat everyone as equals. Level the playing field. We’re all supposed to be the same. And we are. As far as rights and freedoms, humanity and decency. But we aren’t as far as how we treat each other always. I’m not advocating that […]