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The Problem With Modern Relationships (And The Bad Advice You Get)

Insight, mutuality, emotional regulation. This Ted Talk breaks down 3 important elements for healthy relationships. https://youtu.be/gh5VhaicC6g In my couples sessions and the teaching I do I refer to all of this under the umbrella of “emotional literacy”. Often the work we do is about teaching people to prioritize work in this area and work on trying to […]

When What “Feels Right” Is Wrong – Your Brain In Love… (Like A Junkie)

Why what “feels right” is often wrong – (aka don’t ever go back to an ex and 3 ways to break the addiction) I had been down this road before. But I thought this time might be different. Time had passed. I had changed. He had changed. At least I thought he had. I went back […]

Tossing out Memes. The Elements of Healthy Love.

There are a lot of relationship paradigms being offered out there and even more quotes and advice offerings on what relationship success looks like and how to attain it. The latest is to share them as social media memes. Many of these espouse ideas of true love conquering all, enduring all, being all. Accepting another […]