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5 Ways to Manage Guilt and Shame

  Like thieves in the night – plotting to steal your joy, these two emotions hold hands like depression and anxiety and often show up to sabotage your progress. Like depression and anxiety these are normal and necessary human emotions but like most uncomfortable emotions, they need to be acknowledged, learned from, and then mastered. These […]

Stop Walking on Eggshells and Use Your Voice

A common communication habit that we get into is walking on eggshells. This sense that we have to hold back or suppress what we want to say because we worry about another person’s reactions. It’s a way to avoid conflict and also a way to try and control a situation or a person’s response to […]

Resiliency. Being Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable.

Resiliency. In the simplest of terms, it is the ability to experience all ranges of positive and negative experiences and emotional states and being able to not just tolerate those states and extremes, but to be able to come back to a baseline. Baseline is a calm, centered, relaxed state of being. Our baseline is where […]