Here's What You Missed about Sports Performance & Recovery

If you missed my lecture last week on Optimizing Sports Performance and Recovery along with my colleague, classically trained homeopath Christy Zettl, here’s a brief synopsis. We will be offering this lecture in the fall as well and would love to know if you’re interested in attending. Alternatively, one or both of us would be available to repeat our portions of the presentation in house in a brief, lunch and learn presentation style at your clinic, gym, or training facility. Please contact me at [email protected] to discuss more and set a time.
We discussed current mind/body approaches to working with the psychology of sports training and performance including offering a few skills and demonstrations on how to manage performance anxiety, mental blocks, and how to mentally prepare for competition and performance to optimize athletic performance.
Included in these skills were some neuroscience based methods of breath work and grounding that are unlike traditional methods previously offered. These work with quieting down the brain first and having the body follow as opposed to trying to control the breath and hoping that will shut down the anxiety alarms in the brain. Trust me, the former is more effective and it follows the way in which the brain is organized and structured.
We discussed the top 3 homeopathic remedies that every athlete and coach can have on standby and when to use them and how to administer. These include Arnica, Bellis, and Calendula and each has different indications for use with athletes . Christy will have handouts that outline their use at our next talk but is happy to share information with you informally as well. Email Christy at [email protected] for more information.
We concluded our talk with how we both work with traumatic injury, surgeries, and rehabilitation of athletes and why healing the part of the brain that holds onto that memory and injury is essential to the work that goes into healing the actual injured area of the body. A complete healing and the best chance for a full recovery includes both healing the body as well as the mind (and the emotional and mental components that are impacted by injury). New research looks at the impact of injuries on athletes and how it predisposes them to depression. How we work with athletes helps mitigate that risk and increase the resiliency and longevity of the athlete.
Feel free to contact me at anytime with questions on the above. I’m available locally for one on one or group meetings as well as over Skype for anyone interested in more that lives further away.
Looking forward to seeing you at our next speaking engagement!
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