Are You Receiving Love Fully?

I don’t often talk about love in the romantic sense. People get weird about it. But I am talking about love in every sense of the word…including the romantic sense. The healing and transformative nature of being able to receive love fully in particular. Kids are good at this – as adults, we need to learn how to do this better.
We have all been hurt by love at some point in our loves. It can make us shut down and be closed off to it. It can make it easier to give it than be open enough to be saturated by it coming the other way.
Love is something that can come into your life in many forms, from many people and can be healing while it gives us the connection we’re longing for – even when we deny it.
It’s easy to run away from it. It’s easy to run away from vulnerability and from real intimacy.
It’s easy to go off and be naked with one another  that’s not intimacy— it’s an excellent way avoid real intimacy.
Are you giving out love and also able to receive it and receive it fully?
Are you savouring the love that you get back or are you deflecting it?
I’ve seen love transform people. I’ve seen it bring out the best in another. I’ve seen it encourage and challenge another to a greater potential than what they knew. To have someone believe in you and champion along with you your greatest desires – it is magic. No matter where it comes from. Romantically and otherwise. I’ve seen it heal a confused, hurting child where nothing else could.
Are you allowing love to bring out the best in you?
Love can exemplify the beautification of the wound. This is where you take your past wounding experiences, heal them, and give back to others in a way that makes your history beautiful. Do you do this in your life or are you stuck in victim mode or shut down?
Everyone – I mean everyone – all ages – needs more love right now. How are you expanding love in your life right now?
Give it fully and in abundance. Receive it fully and abundance.
There are people in your life that are trying to pour love to you. Maybe you’re getting weird about it. Maybe it’s uncomfortable. Get comfortable with this discomfort and learn how to receive this.
This is special. Whatever your successes in life, if you are not treating people well, if you are not loving people in healthy, full ways, those successes are diminished because this is what matters and what people will remember about you.
Savour it when you get it back. Savour it all day long.
Reach out. Be bold enough to be vulnerable. Be bold enough to create intimacy. Make this a daily intention.