Public Speaking: Fearless Women’s Summit: Ottawa

Building Resilience: How to achieve lifelong health and wellbeing using brain hacks from neuroscience

Publication: De Gruyter

Return to work program efficacy with Self-Regulation Therapy (SRT®): Case study with complex trauma and concurrent disorders

This study shows the efficacy of treating complex cases neurobiologically using Self-Regulation Therapy (SRT®) within the context of return to work goals… Read More

Publication: mindbodygreen

How To Help Your Kids Thrive After A Toxic Divorce

When your once-in-a-lifetime love turns sour and ends in divorce, you might try to maintain some level of amicability with your ex-spouse when there are children are involved… Read More

Publication: Elite Daily

Solo, Not Single: 4 Pros And Cons Of Raising A Child By Yourself

Family diversity is now a mainstream concept, and we know that no one definition of “family” is superior to another. Each definition comes with its own bag of challenges and rewards, along with associated outside judgment and presumption… Read More

Publication: BCACC

Three Areas We Shrink in Our Lives and How to Reclaim Them

As we get older, adulting – being focused on following the path of expectations, school, career, marriage and/or family – can cause us to shrink… Read More

Publication: PsychCentral

4 Key Elements of Healthy Love

There are a lot of relationship paradigms being offered out there. There are even more quotes and advice offerings on what relationship success looks like and how to attain it… Read More


Publication: Zettl Homeopathy

Optimizing Sports Performance and Recovery

For coaches, trainers, physical therapists and anyone involved in athletic training and rehabilitation… Read More

Treating Chronic Pain with Self Regulation Therapy

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