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Focus on the “When” and not the “How” for stress management

Why you get stuck. How to get unstuck. Not by talking through it, pushing through it, writing it down or otherwise focusing on the problems. Not even by problem-solving strategies and focusing on “how” to mitigate stress and get out of it. Fast forwarding to “when” is a way to instantly reduce stress and get […]

Don’t set a single New Year’s Resolution until you do this first

Don’t set a single New Year’s Resolution. Don’t buy a single program, package, item related to New Year’s resolutions. Not until you do this first. Get your mind right. Get your emotions under control. Don’t be reactive to the time of year or the sales pitches capitalizing on it. Take a month (at least) instead […]

Strategies Resilient People Use During Times Of Transition To Maintain Happiness

Life is full of transition and we often think that being resilient means that we get through just about everything without getting ruffled. Immune to depression or anxiety or any less than optimal state. Well that’s just not true. Life isn’t always optimal – it doesn’t make it easy. And that’s not what resilience is […]

How Resilient People Deal With Disappointment and Other Crushing Blows

I remember a time a few years ago when I felt like I had everything together. I remember thinking I had it made. My family was running like a well oiled machine. My businesses were totally on track and growing. Not just gifted to me – I had worked hard. Tirelessly. Relentlessly. For my family. […]

Resiliency. Being Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable.

Resiliency. In the simplest of terms, it is the ability to experience all ranges of positive and negative experiences and emotional states and being able to not just tolerate those states and extremes, but to be able to come back to a baseline. Baseline is a calm, centered, relaxed state of being. Our baseline is where […]

Exercise – the single best thing you can do for your brain.

The  best thing you can do for the health of your body is to eat well and exercise. Not surprisingly, more and more research is supporting the fact that these are also the single best things you can do for your brain. In terms of brain health, we’re looking for elements that have an anti-inflammatory […]